What Atheist Memes Get Wrong about Christianity

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What Atheist Memes Get Wrong about Christianity

Unread post by Rick » December 9th, 2018, 9:39 pm

It's easy -- and fun -- to make fun of the Bible, but so often the memes that get passed around atheist communities reflect not only bad theology but really poor reading skills as well (assuming those passing the memes around have actually read the Bible and don't just say they have to come across as superior to Christians...). Anyway... As a former believer in and ongoing student of the Bible, I'd like to share a few misconceptions that show up in atheist communities. I can't stop you from continuing to use them in your memes and such, but I can tell you that you aren't going to win any points with Christians if you get something so basic wrong while expecting them to get something far more complex (evolutionary theory) right.

So without further ado:
  • The whole human race didn't descend from Adam, Eve, and a few sons. The implication here is that Eve had to have lots of kids with her own kids in order to populate the earth, but that isn't what the Bible says or even implies. Genesis 5:4 states that Adam and Eve had "other sons and daughters." How many, we aren't told, but we do know that Adam and Eve supposedly lived a good, long life. Yes, there was still incest to be had between all the siblings, but that usually isn't what the memes talk about.
  • I've often seen memes to the effect of, "My favorite part of the Bible is when Jesus is alone in the garden and talks privately to God but then someone who wasn't there writes it down." Yes, obviously, unless Jesus told somebody, there's no rational way for anyone to have known what he said. However, the meme only makes sense from the outside looking in and expecting the story to be rational. In the context of the story and Christian theology, those who wrote the Bible did so while being guided by God, who of course would've known what Jesus had said. This is the exact same line of thinking that allows for Moses to have written about the millennia preceding his birth, including the events of creation, the flood, the tower of Babel, and more. We know how later authors without sources fill in the gaps -- it's called imagination -- but unfortunately, the biblical authors having knowledge of that which they ordinarily wouldn't be able to is at the very least consistent with Christian theology: God did it.
  • ... {PLACEHOLDER} I had a third one in mind when I started this, but then paused to make Christmas decorations with the family. I'll edit the post with more as they come to mind!

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Re: What Atheist Memes Get Wrong about Christianity

Unread post by Prince_of_Oreon » December 9th, 2018, 10:15 pm

Another reach that bothers me is that god 'raped' Mary. Nowhere is there suggestion a sexual act took place against her will.

Sure, making a young teenager pregnant, out of marriage, in a culture that would have stoned her, given the opportunity, is a pretty crappy thing to do to somebody without consent - but this is not rape. Luckily, it never happened - and if the biblical Mary did exist, and did get pregnant out of wedlock, and did use god as an excuse, this may be the first hail Mary.

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